Chapel services based on Proverbs chapter 5 through ….

Below are the recorded Chapel services for RaceLine ministry in 2017.  There is some background noise in some of the recordings because we are often out in the open in the paddock.  Hopefully these recordings will be a blessing and encouragement to you as they are God’s message to you.

Audio Recordings

Proverbs 5 “SEX” – WERA at Little Tally in Munford, AL. Feb 12, 2017

Proverbs 6:6-11 “The Ant” – MotorcycleXcitement Track Days at NCBike in Garysburg, NC. March 26, 2017

Prov 6:16-23 “Is God a Hater” – WERA  at Little Tally in Munford, AL.  April 23, 2017