RaceLine Ministry

For over 26 years, we have been serving together in the ministry of music and have poured our hearts and souls into bringing honor and glory to our Savior.  We felt that God was changing our hearts and our passions in order to serve Him in an entirely different way.  It was scary to think that we would have to leave everything we know, and are comfortable with, to do something we have never done before, however, we could not ignore the obvious work God was doing in both of our hearts simultaneously.


What We Are Doing

Mark & Dawn 30thOn January 31, 2012 we resigned from a wonderful ministry, Calvary Bible Church in Bakersfield, CA.  On Feb 1, 2012 we became full-time missionaries who are totally dependent on the giving of others.  We are currently serving MotorcycleXcitement, a series of track days and riding schools, a road racing series called WERA  (Western Eastern Racing Association) and Steve Nace Racing (Flat track, quads and midget sprint cars).   We will be ministering at the track in 11 different states:  Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina.  We will be filling in where needed in other states as well.

Our goal is to establish relationships and trust with the riders, vendors, track officials, and their families in order to be able to care for their needs and to share with them the life changing truth of God’s Word in a casual, non-threatening way.  We will be leading a chapel service on race days and will offer counseling and small group bible studies as time permits.  We believe this relational style of ministry will help us show the love of Christ to these people who live their lives on the edge.

Why We Are Doing It

First and foremost, we are going because we truly believe God has called us to a specific people for a specific purpose.  Those of you who know Mark well, will immediately see that his love for the Lord and people coupled with his love for motorcycles makes this an exciting new ministry where God can use him in an unconventional way.  It may seem like an unusual concept for you to consider the world of motorsports as a mission field.  However, if you think about the vast percentage of people who are involved in the many different sporting events that occur every weekend, you will start to see how important it is that we take Christ to these people who may never step foot inside a church.

Our Need

This is our full-time ministry and we are asking people to support us monthly in order for us to fulfill the mission God has given us.  We know that God can accomplish this through the faithful giving of His people.

Would you please consider supporting us on a monthly basis?  All of our support goes through MRO (Motor Racing Outreach. www.go2mro.com) and is tax deductible.  You can give online right here on our website by clicking on “Donate” below or on top of the home page.  There it will explain how you can give to our ministry.
To be very honest, the greatest thing you can do is pray for us!  On our schedule there is a list of all our events.  We would love for you to pray every time we are on the road.  Send us a text or email and let us know you are praying with us and for us while we are at the track.  That would be so encouraging!
We are sincerely grateful for whatever part you may have in this exciting ministry and will send you regular “Chaplain Updates” (please sign up here on the website) on how God is working in our lives and the lives of those He has called us to serve.