2018 RaceLine Ministry Schedule


(Blue: WERA, Red: MotorcycleXcitement, Purple: MotoAmerica, Yellow/Black: Misc.)


 20th –                AMA Champions Banquet



9th-11th            MX -Timonium Motorcycle Show – (Timonium, MD)

16th – 18th       WERA at Little Tally – (Munford, AL)



 4th                    Preaching at Salem Baptist Church/Presenting RLM (Milford, VA)

15th – 18th       WERA at Roebling Road – (Bloomingdale, GA)

23rd – 25th       MX at NCBike – (Garysburg, NC) (Cancelled because of Cold)

25th – 26th         MotoAmerica Tire Test – Barber Motorsports Park – (Leeds, AL)



5th – 8th           Corey and Mia Wedding (Key West)

14th – 16th       MX – Shenny/Main at Summit Point – (Summit Point, WV)

20th – 22nd     WERA at Little Tally – (Munford, AL)



4th – 6th           WERA at Grattan – (Grattan, MI)

12th – 14th       MX – Shenny/Main at Summit Point – (Summit Point, WV)

18th – 20th       WERA at RRR – (Bloomingdale, GA)



1st – 3rd            WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta – (Braselton, GA)

8th – 10th         WERA at Grattan – (Grattan, MI)

14th – 17th       WERA at Pitt Race – (Wampum, PA)

21st – 24th        MOA – Laguna Seca – (Salinas, CA)

29th – 7/1        WERA at Barber – (Leeds, AL)



3rd – 4th           MX at Summit Point – (Summit Point, WV)

5th – 8th           WERA VMD at Mid-Ohio – (Lexington, OH)

13th – 15th       WERA at Roebling Road – (Bloomingdale, GA)

22nd – 23rd     MX at Summit Point – (Summit Point, WV.)

27th – 29th         Burke Mountain Hill Climb – (Burke, VT) (With Rick and Jackie Kay)



2nd – 5th           WERA at VIR – (Danville, VA)

7th – 16th             MotoAmerica at Sonoma Raceway (Sonoma, CA)

17th – 19th       WERA at Tally – (Munford, AL)

23rd – 26th       MOA/WERA at Pitt Race – (Wampum, PA)



3rd                     MX at Pitt Race – (Wampum, PA)

7th – 9th           WERA at Road Atlanta – (Braselton, GA)

20th – 23rd      MOA – Barber – (Leeds, AL)

24th                   MOA Banquet

28th – 29th       Justin Winter Wedding

29th – 10/1      MX Jefferson/Main at Summit Point – (Summit Point, WV)



4th – 7th           WERA at NJMP – (Millville, NJ)

24th – 28th       WERA GNF at Barber – (Leeds, AL)



2nd – 4th           MX at NCBike – (Garysburg, NC)