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Donate to RaceLine

We would like to personally thank you for considering

supporting RaceLine Ministry with your financial contributions.


Our desire is to honor the Lord and

serve our motorcycle community with the funds provided to us.

Donations from people like you are the only way for

RaceLine Ministry to continue this awesome work.

We appreciate your support very much!


All donations to RaceLine Ministry are tax deductible.


PayPal 2.png

Using your bank account

If you would like to use your PayPal account to send money from your bank account click the "Donate" button below.


Debit Card

Using your credit card

If you would like to use your credit card

to donate to RLM click the

"donate" button below.



Using your checkbook

Make check payable to "RaceLine Ministry".

  Send check to: 

    RaceLine Ministry

    1755 Ralee Dr.

   Winston-Salem, NC 27127



Using Zelle

Zelle is a no fee way to transfer from your bank to RaceLine Ministry's Bank account. If your bank uses Zelle you would use our email to transfer the donation. If your bank does not use Zelle then you can use (You can also use this website to determine if your bank has Zelle.)

Bill Pay


Using Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a no fee way to transfer money from your bank to RaceLine Ministry's account. Just like you might setup with your bank to pay a Bill Pay option to pay your utilitiies, ect., you can also setup Bill Pay to donate to RLM one time or

automated every month. 

RaceLine would receive a check.

(Feel free to contact us if you need extra information for your bank)

Cash App


Using Cash App

Cash App is no fee way to send money to RaceLine Ministry's account.

If you are using the Cash App you can type in $RacelineMinistry


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