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Money Raised - $22,412 of $50,000


We recently found out that our camper (top left) had major frame damage. There are some possible reasons, but the main one is too many miles. We are now looking to purchase the white trailer below that is 44' long. It is empty. We (myself and three carpenters) will customize it to include living space and a garage that will meet all of our needs in the "Why Have a Camper" list.  We would then put a wrap on the outside with RaceLine Ministry graphics. The frame and axles on this trailer will better handle the kind of miles we drive. The maintenance is low cost as well.

Kappy Camper.jpg

Why have a camper?

  • We live in it six months of the year.

  • We house people in it at the races

  • We counsel people there.

  • We entertain people.

  • We meet with the chaplain team there.

  • We travel a lot of the time w/ our grandkids

  • We would hold chapel there.


This trailer costs $37,000. We will use the remaining $13,000 to customize the inside. We are also at this moment designing a canopy system that will go alongside the trailer where we can hold chapel services and entertain.

You Want to Donate?

If would like to make a tax-deductible donation to RLM to help get the trailer you can select "Donate" on the top right of this page.

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